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Online Donations


How are you being called to support the mission and ministry of Niwot UMC

Automated Electronic Giving (preferred)

This link will take you to our new ChurchTrac system to set up an account and allow you to make donations by ACH (from your bank account) or via Credit Card.

Click here to donate:

Directions: ChurchTrac Directions


Automated Electronic Giving (alternate)

Would you find it helpful to have your offerings debited directly from your bank account, as you may already be doing for other routine payments?  Well, we now have an electronic giving option for those of you who wish to have your regular contributions transferred electronically to the church’s account.  When you travel, this can be particularly helpful in keeping up with your pledge payments.

To participate, simply fill out this authorization form, attach a voided check, and either give it to or mail it to the church, attn Finance Chair.

The form allows you to specify the donation amount, when it is to start, and how often it will be repeated. Once started, the donations will continue automatically until you instruct us to stop. You may also make automatic one-time and monthly contributions via PayPal.

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