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Embrace the Community, Transform the World!

“Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.” Matthew 10:40
Niwot United Methodist Church welcomes and honors everyone without regard to sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender, family structure, ethnic background, economic circumstances, difference in ability, culture or age. You are actively invited to visit, fully participate in, and join our Christian community.
At Niwot UMC, we as a congregation strive to create a caring, friendly environment where Christians can come together for worship, study, growth and fellowship to enhance our spiritual journey.
We strive to understand and appreciate the diversity in our community and in our world.  We are eager to share our fellowship because we believe we can learn from and help one another.
We believe that all are loved by God.  We believe it’s good to question.  We believe a church isn’t a building.  We believe that when you truly embrace diversity, you embrace God.
Founded in 1870, our community-based church has helped Boulder County become what it is today, and we look  to the future with open hearts, open minds, and open doors. Our congregation consists of families from Niwot itself, as well as Longmont, Hygiene, Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, Erie, Berthoud, and Denver.

Recorded Scripture/Sermon: Easter – March 27, 2016

Pastor Pam Everhart’s Latest Blog Post

“Welcome Home” – Monday, May 2, 2016

Luke 15:11-32
John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, says this of Luke 4:24: “No prophet is acceptable in his own country – that is, in his own neighbourhood. It generally holds, that a teacher sent from God is not so acceptable to his neighbours as he is to strangers. The meanness of his family, or lowness of his circumstances, bring his office into contempt…”

Last week we talked about the dissonance that sometimes occur when you try to ‘go home again,’ and no one understands who you have become.  But this week’s ‘home’ scripture takes us down a totally different road… so to speak.

The prodigal son story is one of the most famous ones in the Bible and almost everyone who has been to church knows it. In this parable that Jesus relates to his followers, a wayward son goes away and spends his inheritance, but when things turn sour he decides to head home to his family.  And this story is the opposite of dissonance, at least between father and son… Because when he is just within site, his father sees him and rejoices, runs to him with open arms and welcomes him fully back into the fold.  No dissonance, just full, inclusive love.


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