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Reverend Laura Hehner


Rev. Laurawas appointed to Niwot UMC in 2017. She is an ordained elder in the UMC and graduated from Iliff School of Theology in 2010. She believes our God is a living God (not bound to turned pages), who shares each minute, each breath with Its own creation. Melding science with spirituality, reason with faith, and the mundane with the extraordinary, she seeks meaning, depth, and connection in our daily encounters with the Life which made us, and hopes you will join us on the journey. Rev. Laura also focuses heavily on community outreach, believing the simple giving of love and care to anyone living without either is the gospel and the call of the Christ.  So let’s get our hands dirty with the Holy, and make the most of each other in our short time together on this earth. Amen!



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Administrative Assistant

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