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Outreach Update

May 3, 2017
Community, Outreach

OUTREACH UPDATE– Early in the month of April the Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley sustained a kitchen fire. Appliance and cabinets were burned and due to the toxic particles all food, therapeutic toys and books, along with other items were destroyed. The women and children fleeing domestic abuse were all temporarily displaced to other […]

Stamp Alliance Ministry

April 28, 2017
Ministry, Outreach

I just shipped 9 pounds of used postage stamps to the Stamp Ministry. For those not familiar with this program, these stamps are sold to dealers and the proceeds are used to fund Spanish language curriculum for Sunday Schools in Latin America, Spain, and even the USA. In 2016 they donated $46,000.00 for a grand […]


April 14, 2017

We have a final tally of the number of children’s books that were donated to the incarcerated women in the Boulder County Jail, for their children. A total of 77 books were donated or purchased from designated monetary gifts from the congregation. A total of $251.00 was received as designated gifts from the congregation on […]

Outreach Update

March 31, 2017

Outreach Update – The Emergency Family Assistance Association (E.F.A.A.) sends their THANKS for the donation of 328.6 Pounds of food and personal/household items! Plus designated gifts of $100.00 will also be sent to E.F.A.A. The church received $253.26 in Kiva micro-loan repayments. $250.00 has been re-lent in $75.00 increments. Funds were lent to: Chin’s Group […]

Boulder Homeless Shelter

March 24, 2017

Boulder Homeless Shelter – Thank you for serving:  Pat K, Mike and Gayle W, Jeanne R, Leslie I, Susan D and Janet G. We have at least 1 more month of serving.  Dixie is serving with our teens in April.  We will let you know if need any volunteers if we end up serving in […]

Boulder Film Festival

This Sunday March 5th, as part of the Boulder Film Festival, there is going to be a documentary about girls growing up in Kyangwali (where Peopleweaver works).  The documentary starts at 3pm and is at the First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. You can read more about it on page 36 in the Film Festival catalogue, the film is […]

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